3D Products are complex, profound and elegant. They represent, in our opinion, the future of manufacturing. And that’s how we view our 3D Additive Manufacturing platform. Your product concept or idea first emerges as an abstract thought. You think about it….maybe draw it or jot down some ideas. And that’s where most product ideas end – without advancing beyond the theoretical. But now, with 3D Additive Manufacturing, your idea can become a tangible reality within minutes.

DEPTH can work with CAD images, or can wrap-around scan any object – a machine part, a smart phone case, a toy, a clay mold or even a human body. Once the image has been captured and/or accessed, it can be manipulated. If your object is to design a new perfume bottle, a scanned image of your existing container can be altered and then saved as a new CAD file. And then it’s sent to the 3D printer. Moments later, your prototype rises like a mythical Phoenix. No need to gear up a production line when all you need is ONE of something.

This is the beauty of 3D Additive Manufacturing. DEPTH works with you – from concept to consultative advice to product creation. And then, if you’re so inclined, we’ll talk about casting your product and creating a just-in-time inventory or a business mechanism wherein you can order merchandise on an as-needed basis. It’s a radical, new and exciting avenue for entrepreneurial businesses. Act on your professional impulses. Create prototypes or models in record time. Alter or change them until you achieve perfection. It’s all happening NOW at DEPTH.